Flying Conformist

The conformist is an annoying animal. It torments our lives but it won’t reach our dreams. WHOOPS.
Unfortunately the flying conformist arrive inside my dreams. They flying above the homogenization and they destroy our self expression.

The new animated webcomic: Damn Dystopic Comedy. Enjoy it.

Story and photos was created during the two holidays in November 2016. The story is completely unstructured and introspective. The dreamlike overlap my usual ironic style. This story is a buffer between the first cycle of dystopic comedy and the second. This one coming soon stay tune!

#webcomic #animation #gifartist #animatedwebcomic #anicomic #comic #dystopicomedy #dystopic #graphicnovel #digitalart #digitalartist Flying Conformist

You don’t need to read previous chapters before this one. This hasn’t a chronological correlation.



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