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Vegetable motivations

Vegetable motivations a photorealistic comics. A picture story? No photorealistic webcomics. The protagonist is a struggling banana. He suffer the total absence of stimulis in his life. Tired of this ruined routine he goes for its vegetable road.

Vegetable Drama

Tomato is suicidal, prayers for him reach wrong recipient, where appears a Banana. Unwillingly endure troublesome banana. Deux ex machine: a ghost appears from the PAST a...
Vegetable Drama full of dramatic twists and twist dance. Parable about the sense of life but the lives of vegetables don’t make sense. Welcome to vegetable cruel world.

Hell Fig

Dry Fig go to hell through a road paved with good intentions. The blurred and ambiguous boundary between good and evil in this story. A story sometime dry sometimes fig but eve go to hell.

Ambiguous and out of season Fava bean

The peanut knows what he wants to do when grow up. Fava is ambiguous and out of season. Attention surprise.

A story that has 5% risk, 13% anxiety, 15% dreams, 4% occasions, 7% crap, 16% Fava, 10% Peanut, 9% Oracle, 9% Zed, 12% you.

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