Do you know who I am?

To be or not to be is not my problem.
Zed Oracle

Without a doubt his trademark are the webcomic photorealistic. It makes use of photographic images and complex animation in stop-motion and computer graphics. The absolute pioneer of this multimedia crossover (literature, poetry, comics, photography, video and graphics).

Creative area dedicated to a xxxxxxxxxx mind. The right spot if you are looking for a surreal and ridiculous entertainment that doesn’t missing deep reflections about our society and human nature. Armed with a wide open mind, He brings you into the surreal stories. He rants in webcomic and Zed philosophy.

The Zed Oracle is a market analyst (oracle) in the office and smart motherfucker (Zed) in his spare time. Try to keep separated these activities as much as possible to afford the best expression’s freedom.

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  1. nice work..we'll see eachother arround ;) greetz! :)


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