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Vegetable motivations

Vegetable motivations a photorealistic comics. A picture story? No photorealistic webcomics. The protagonist is a struggling banana. He suffer the total absence of stimulis in his life. Tired of this ruined routine he goes for its vegetable road.

Poker & Crisis

A surreal epic comic about the combination Poker & Crisis. Beyond the crisis there is an opportunity beyond an opportunity there is a game beyond a game there is the Poker and there is the poker there is money and beyond the money there are everybody except Zed Oracle.

Remote nihilist control

A sentient mozzarella meets a scale with secularized justice this under the eye of an omnipotent demiurge with a remote control appearance. Nihilistic tribute It’s a declaration war against all existential questions. Topics such as xenophobia, justice, self-consciousness were never treated so. You betcha ! After all these buzzwords sit in an armchair and doing TV surfing.

Hell Fig

Dry Fig go to hell through a road paved with good intentions. The blurred and ambiguous boundary between good and evil in this story. A story sometime dry sometimes fig but eve go to hell.

Cow & Pork N’Roll

Sexual corruption, condominium disputes, spacetime rim and classic songs. All this in Cow & Pork n’Roll. A cow without money but with a poetry’s passion, a pig with a burning guitar above the sound of Rock N’ Roll. Neighbor quarrel between a bohemian cow rockiness pig . 

Poetry vs. music. Cow vs pig. Can a pig and a cow break the spacetime continuum? And your heart?

The most censored comic in the world

The Zed Oracle is test himself on a grafic novels too much realistic. A photorealistic comic that could be a bulwark against censorship. Stop talking and enjoy The most censored comic in the world.

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