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The ABSUrD AGAINsT is an epic cyberpunk sit-com. Evil pays his due in the senior prom. Kevin Bacon and Darth Vader are missing in this sci-fi and musical crossover but probably they’ll enter in the next chapter. An animated webcomic about the social redemption, evil and the eternal struggle against the absurd. I’m coming back on dystopic universe of damned with The ABSUrD AGAINsT.

The best way to boredom is to see what you want.

Little less damnation

Little less damnation is the new and damn animated webcomic by Zed Oracle. How to introduce this story without spoiler you and at the same time intrigue you? I have no idea so I talk only about the genre. What kind is it? At the line between space opera and esoteric soap opera. Don’t you believe that is possible?

Storytelling and the design style are out of rules so I don’t expect that everyone metabolizes it. It would be interesting for me receive any kind of feedback.

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