Welcome to Momentgram the biggest prison in human history. It is also a social network. There are two options to get out of here: confess or be innocent. Here, neather the underwear are innocents.
Who don’t confess will have a special punishment: 30 years Momentgram live story. 30 years 360 months 1560 weeks 10950 crosses 262800 hearts 15.768.000 false smile 946.080.000 looks downards.
Everyone thinks that is innocent and nobody confesses to himself.

Life is a tragedy nobody gets out alive but this is another story.

If I were not Satan

I will tell you story. Fantasy and philosophical with one that looks at the stars not with the eyes but with the heart. Rock and roll and with superpowers, science fiction and religion. Where I can’t understand and you can. A short story. A story a little bit like that.

Melancholic Satan watches the mirror. He can’t conquer anything beyond the mirror. Ambition moves the universe but not always in the right direction. The solution to all this is in the hands of a post-human who have the answer.

Understanding Schrödinger

A cadaveric teenager isn't able to assemble a fan. He will ask for father's help who will build a box of Schrödinger. Things don't get better. The Schrödinger box is a quantum machine that if it remains closed the cat is both dead and alive. If open it create two parallel universes. One with the dead cat and one with the live cat. The teenager is lost in the absurd and he'll make the right choice. The absurd one.

Free Will and Trash

If my future is written and I’m an illiterate. My future it’s a white paper. Your future it’s a toilet paper. We throw away what we used for our pleasures. What we broke with our mistakes and all that we don’t want for our whims. Of course I imagined freedom different than this! 

A bit radical chic.

They are them Others are others part 2

Everything you see here is the result of one man. Photos, videos, special effects, animations, stories and characters. Even in videos and photos where more characters appear, he's always me. Sorry for this gloting but I would make visible an invisible work.

Now let introducing you the second part of “ They are them and the Others are others” .

The existence of our planet is endangered by a space monolith on a collision course with our planet. At the moment the authorities doesn’t know who is to blame. Let's move on to more interesting news. Super Hero has reached one billion followers thanks to his selfies. ElectronX is seeing himself fat and ugly but He doesn’t mind because he sees very well. In other way Skull is worried because he doesn’t know himself, they remind him that he is an asshole. Surprise ending! Find out who is at fault about the monolith ...